Welcome Home! Dinner's Ready.



After a busy day at work, you walk in the door and notice the faint aroma of something delicious. Someone's been cooking! You follow your nose to the kitchen. Opening the fridge, you find neat stacks of containers filled with entrees and side dishes, ready to heat and eat. In the freezer section, another stack of meals awaits. A note on the counter tells you about the tucked-away treasures and includes instructions for warming each one. You notice that your kitchen seems slightly cleaner than when you left this morning. What's going on?


Your personal chef came over today! She shopped, chopped, cooked, packaged, and cleaned, and now all that's left to do is to set the table while dinner warms up, toss some prepped seasonal salad greens with your favorite homemade dressing, and relax over a delicious, nourishing meal. You're saving time and eating better than ever. Your chef has even left some extras: organic homemade yogurt, nutnola, and berry puree for breakfast and hearty homemade soup to take for lunch.

How It Works

Lost Arts Kitchen prepares nutrient-dense, delicious meals in your home, based on your preferences and dietary needs, packages them for you as you wish, and leaves them in your fridge and freezer.

  1. Tell Me About You
    By phone or email, we'll go over your diet, food likes and dislikes, and kitchen, the services you would like. I'll develop your customized menu and email it to you before your scheduled cook day for your review. Reserve you cook day with a grocery deposit (typically $100-150).

  2. Let Me Shop for You
    On your cook day, I go shopping for ingredients. I take advantage of sales when I can and I can also offer you access to high quality, local and organic goods through the food buying club I organize. If we agree ahead of time, I am happy to use food you already have on hand. For example, if you have purchased a side of beef and want me to use cuts from that in your meals that week, I'll send you a reminder the day before to take the necessary cuts of your freezer and thaw them in the fridge so they're ready when I arrive.

  3. Chop Chop!
    Using your selected menu, I'll cook your meals right in your kitchen. I use my own equipment, except for any of yours that we agree beforehand that I might use. I'll package your meals, refrigerate or freeze them, and provide written instructions for thawing and reheating each item.

  4. All That's Left Behind is the Aroma of Something Delicious
    When I'm done cooking, I clean up your kitchen! I'll compost your kitchen scraps for you or take them home to my chickens, if you prefer. 


Having a personal chef saves you valuable time, reduces food waste at home, and lets you to decide what goes into the food you eat. Some typical plans are below, but we can create a plan that works for your household and budget.

5 X 4 (Five prepared meals for 4 people)     $350.00 plus groceries

4 X 4 (Four prepared meals for 4 people)     $300.00 plus groceries

5 X 2 (Five prepared meals for 2 people)     $225.00 plus groceries

Groceries cost approximately $5-8 per serving, depending on your selected portion size and menu. You can choose to have your meals packaged in compostable containers ($15-25/cook day), glass reusable containers ($150 deposit), or you own containers.