Now is the time to start vegetables and flowers from seed indoors. Grow your own starts to enjoy varieties you won't find in nurseries.

Gardening Indoors


Make magic transforming creamy spring milk into delicious yogurt, cream cheese, and chevre.

Dairy Magic


Lunch and Learn: We'll make frittatas with kale from the garden and eggs from the backyard and discuss planting times in our region. Then we will develop our own planting calendars for the upcoming year.

Garden Calendar

March in the
Kitchen and

In the third class in the Kitchen and Garden Year serie, we start the flower and vegetable seeds in trays, make to transform milk into yogurt, cream cheese and chevre, and explore how the Pacific Northwest climate impacts what we plant when in the garden. We'll make our own garden calendars for the coming year. 

What to expect:

  • Spending the first part of class potting up seeds and making dairy magic, breaking together for shared lunch, then working on garden calendars as a group.

  • Introduction and demo of techniques starting seeds indoors

  • Potting up flower and vegetable seeds take home 

  • Introduction and demo to making yogurt, cream cheese, and chevre

  • Gathering eggs and harvesting kale and other spring greens for lunch

  • Prepping frittata ingredients

  • Enjoying the lunch you helped prepare while learning about gardening in the Pacific Northwest

  • Developing your own garden calendar after lunch

  • Going home with seeds that you potted yourself, a jar of yogurt, and your garden calendar

  • PDF with class notes and additional resources

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