Leftovers by Design: Roast Chicken
Saturday, March 23rd, 10am-1pm

Work smarter, not harder. Leftovers can save time and reduce waste, but who wants a sad, soggy repeat of last night's supper, warmed over with the Reheat button on the microwave? Instead, get creative and prepare what I call leftovers by design. In class, we start with two whole chicken and transform them into a variety meals. Learn to prepare roast chicken, then use the leftovers to make chicken broth, Chicken-Broccoli Chowder, and Asian Chicken Salad. I'll share my tips for preparing the perfect roast chicken--with moist breast meat, thoroughly cooked thigh meat, and irresistable crispy skins. We'll talk about how you can prepare, store, and then "re-use" other meats and vegetables, so you can cook once and eat twice, saving time and money while enjoying delicious results.