Around the Year in the Kitchen and Garden


Spend a year discovering gardening in the Pacific Northwest, cooking with local ingredients, and preserving our seasonal abundance in a monthly series of classes in the garden and kitchen of personal chef, kitchen coach, and master gardener Chris Musser of Lost Arts Kitchen. Classes include hands-on practice. After every class, participants go home with the results of their work, for example, a plant, a jar of yogurt, and a garden plan. 

During the year-long series, participants

  • Practice plant propagation and care, wildlife support, soil improvement, weed and pest identification and management, and wise water use.

  • Learn about permaculture design, gardening in the Maritime Northwest.

  • Develop garden designs and planting calendars.

  • Practice knife skills, cooking techniques, using kitchen tools and appliances, cooking with the seasons, and making the most of foods from afar.

  • Learn about sources for locally raised produce and meat.

  • Develop seasonal meal plans, food shopping plans, celebration meal plans

  • Practice food preservation techniques, including lactofermentation, water bath canning, pressure canning, freezing, drying, smoking.


In addition, each month, you'll have the opportunity to learn more from locals on guided farm tours and foraging trips or at seed, plant, produce, preserve swaps in and around Portland.