Gardening Indoors

Propagating plants from cuttings is an easy way to start many plants that grow well indoors this time of year and is an opportunity to study root development. ​

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Making Broth & Soup

Broth provides a nourishing and delicious base for drinks, soups, stews, and sauces. We'll make broth and soup on the stove and in a pressure cooker.

Winter Flavors

Eating Local in Winter

Lunch and Learn: Sample winter dishes and explore eating locally in winter over lunch. Afterward, we'll talk about meal planning and develop winter meal plans using seasonal recipes.

January in the
Kitchen and

In the first class in the Kitchen and Garden Year series, we start the new year propagating new plants to grow indoors, making broth and soups, exploring eating local in winter, and creating seasonal meal plans. What to expect:

  • Spending the first part of class propagating and cooking, breaking together for shared lunch, then working on meal plans as a group.

  • Introduction and demo of techniques for propagating new plants from cuttings

  • Practice taking cuttings and potting them up 

  • Introduction and demo to making broth in a pressure cooker and on the stove.

  • Introduction and demo preparing ingredients for two winter soups

  • Practice prepping soup ingredients

  • Enjoying the soups you helped prepare and sample other winter dishes while learning about eating locally in winter in Portland

  • Developing your own winter meal plan after lunch

  • Going home with a new plant that you potted yourself, a jar of freshly made broth, and your winter meal plan

  • PDF with class notes and additional resources