Friday, January 11, 6:30pm

Restock your 'fridge with life! Learn to ferment refreshing and nourishing vegetables and make revitalizing, tongue-tantalizing condiments.


Broths, Sauces, Soups & Stews

Sunday, January 13, 1pm-4pm

We'll make a simple chicken broth and richly spiced pho, soups from fresh ingredients and leftovers, and my deceptively delicious gluten-free sauce for Beef Bourguignon.


Family Kitchen & Garden

Wednesday, January 16, 10a-3pm

Learn and play in the garden and kitchen with your child. This class is for children ages 5-10 accompanied by a parent. Sibling discount available, contact Chris.


Homeschool Kitchen & Garden

Friday, January 18, 10a-3pm

Homeschool Kitchen and Garden Day is for homeschoolers ages 11+ and is held on the third Friday of the month.


Sunday Kitchen & Garden

Sunday, January 20, 10a-4pm

Kitchen and Garden series on the third Sundays of the month. Get two months free when you book the entire series.


Dairy Magic

Friday, January 25, 6:30pm

Learn to make delicious yogurt, cream cheese, and chevre, mozzarella, creme fraiche, sour cream, and more at home.


Leftovers by Design
Roast Chicken

Sunday, January 27, 1pm-4pm

Get creative and prepare what I call leftovers by design. In class, we start with two whole chicken and transform them into a variety meals.

Gardening, Cooking, and Food Preservation Classes

Cook with All Your Senses

Lost Arts Kitchen classes provide rich hands-on experiences that engage multiple learning styles. We observe, dig, chop, listen, and explore textures, tastes, aromas.