Preparing the Garden

Soil health is essential to plant health. Learn about the soil food web as we prep beds for planting and common weeds in the Northwest garden.


Egg Cookery

The egg glut is on! Chickens and ducks lay abundantly in spring and their eggs go beautifully with fresh greens from the garden.


Spring Meal Planning

Lunch and Learn: We'll discuss plant classification for gardeners and eating local in spring, then work on spring meal plans.

April in the
Kitchen and

In the fourth class in the Kitchen and Garden Year series, we get out in the garden to prepare beds for planting, celebrate the abundance of eggs and spring greens making a quiche, explore plant classification for gardeners, and create a planting calendar for the upcoming year. What to expect:

  • Spending the first part of class outdoors, digging in the dirt, making a quiche with greens from the garden and eggs from backyard chickens, breaking together for shared lunch, then working on garden calendars as a group.

  • Introduction and demo of techniques for preparing soil for planting

  • Introduction to organic fertilizers that feed soil life. 

  • Prepping quiche ingredients.

  • Introduction and demo of custard making

  • Enjoying quiche you helped prepare while learning about plant classification for gardeners and eating local in spring

  • Developing your own spring meal plan after lunch

  • Going home with a bouquet of spring greens, an egg custard, and your garden calendar

  • PDF with class notes and additional resources